How to Prevent Muscle Loss?

There are many reasons why you may be experiencing muscle loss, whether a result of age, a calorie deficit, or other reasons. However, regardless of the reasoning, it’s no doubt frustrating, un-doing potentially months or years of hard work. So, how do you prevent muscle loss?

This article will explain exactly that, helping you look and feel your best late into your 40s and 50s, or helping you maintain your muscle mass during a large or particularly strict weightlifting cut cycle.

Eat plenty of protein to prevent muscle loss

It’s no secret that your body needs protein to grow and maintain muscle mass. However, if you’re experiencing muscle loss, you may need even more protein to hold onto the existing muscle in which you have.

At a minimum, you should aim for one lb of protein per one lb of body fat. For example, if you weigh a total of 165 lbs, then you should aim to eat 165 lbs of protein per day.

Hit the gym more often

Second, if you’re not a regular at the gym or you only work out once or twice a week, then you should visit the gym more often. The more frequently you workout, the harder your muscles have to work, not only promoting muscle growth, but preventing muscle wastage and loss, too. 

Get plenty of sleep

Many athletes and fitness enthusiasts either do not understand the importance of sleep or find it difficult to achieve eight to ten hours of sleep per night. And that’s entirely understandable, given the hectic lives we all live. However, if you are better able to prioritize sleep, then you’re providing your body more time to repair and grow, preventing muscle loss and potentially even allowing yourself to gain more muscle.

Implement supplements into your diet to prevent muscle loss 

Finally, if you don’t currently use supplements, then you should consider implementing these into your diet. For example, HMB is a popular supplement taken in capsule form used to stimulate the production of proteins during muscle building, helping you retain your current muscle mass and preventing muscle loss.

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