A Simple Guide to Building Muscle: What You Need to Know

Far too often, people confuse the idea of building muscle, approaching this the entirely wrong way. The process of muscle building is overcomplicated, similar to the idea of losing weight, however, that’s a topic for another blog!

There are likely numerous reasons why you may want to build muscle, whether this is to look better, to be physically stronger, or maybe an indirect benefit when improving your mental health through regular exercise.

So, with this in mind, this blog post will provide you with a simple guide to building muscle, covering everything you need to know.

Building muscle is all about diet 

Sure, you need to work out and lift weights. However, if you’re looking to build muscle, you need to be eating the correct foods (and the right amount of food). To gain sufficient muscle, you should be in a calorie surplus. For those that don’t know, a calorie surplus is where you eat more than the required calories by your body for the day, using the extra calories to build this muscle.

At the most basic level, lifting heavy weights and eating in a calorie surplus diet will help you see results.

But you still have to train!

If it was only about how much you ate, then nobody would be overweight, instead, they would all be the next Mr. Universe. Despite this, training is usually the aspect many people get right, it’s their diet where they slip up. 

Anyways, to see results, you should train at least three times a week, working out each muscle group at least once every seven days. Ideally, you would train these groups two times a week for quicker progress, but once should be the minimum. 

Building muscle and taking the right supplements

Once you’ve dialed in your diet and training, over time, if you remain consistent, you will see results. However, to further finetune the process, you should aim to take the right supplements. There are various supplements out there, from creatine, BCAAS, amino acids, and so on. 

While these are not essential, if you’re looking to build serious muscle mass then we recommend taking a look at our top supplements.

To conclude

The topic of building muscle is often over complicated. Put simply, for the best results, you need to eat in a calorie surplus and workout lifting weights or resistance training three to six times a week. Rest is equally as important too, so be sure to take at least one or two days off to allow your muscles time to repair, recover, and grow.

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