What Are the Benefits of Regular Exercise?

There are endless reasons why people choose to work out, whether an escape from their busy lives, to better themselves, to lose weight, to gain mental clarity, or maybe to enter a bodybuilding competition. 

Whatever your reason, or whether you’re still trying to find your “why,” you will receive many benefits of regular exercise, even if you’re an avid walker and have never touched a set of weights in your life.

So, this blog post will discuss the benefits of regular exercise in the hope of getting more people active. And if you’re already physically active, then hopefully, we’ll keep you that way!

Reduced risk of depression

For starters, according to the CDC, those that exercise regularly have a lower risk of being depressed. This is due to several different reasons, but include the serotonin hormone, which is released during exercise (makes you feel good), alongside a sense of accomplishment, fulfillment, and the direct benefits to your health. 

In fact, medical professionals often recommend regular physical activity to those suffering from depression to help cure it, so it’s well worth a go if you haven’t yet tried!

Improved heart health

Second, regular physical activity improves your heart health. This can also reduce your risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and even metabolic syndrome. All of this can be achieved from as little as five thirty-minute workouts each week, whether a brisk walk, run, a weight lifting session, or cycle.

Regular exercise reduces your risk of obesity and other conditions 

Regular physical activity and a well-balanced diet will drastically reduce your risk of obesity. If you’re looking to lose weight, picking up exercise is a must, helping you not only shed a few pounds and to build muscle, but improving your overall health, too.

Hitting the gym or stomping the pavements will also reduce your risk of other health-related conditions, whether heart disease, a stroke, or other life-threatening conditions. So, while putting on your shoes and heading out for a run in the pouring rain may not be fun, just think of the good you’re doing your body in the process! Now that’s what we call motivation.

Exercise regularly to reap the many benefits

The benefits of exercise are well documented. By now, these benefits likely do not come across as a surprise for many people. However, incorporating consistent physical activity into your weekly routine is essential, protecting your health, helping you live longer, and improving the well-being of your day-to-day life.

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