How to Make Kava Taste Better?

Many people take kava as a depressant — it’s used to improve sleep, reduce anxiety, and provides a calming sensation to improve relaxation. It’s similar to ashwagandha, and is sometimes taken together with the popular herbal supplement.

Kava is a crop found in the Pacific Islands. Many people take this plant in many forms, whether a herbal tea, a tincture, a liquid, or capsule. There is no one best way to take the supplement — it’s down to personal preference.

Despite this, if you’re taking kava in a more natural way — such as a drink, you may notice an earthy taste. Although the kava properties are thought to be beneficial, many people don’t love the taste, but do enjoy how it makes them feel. But what if you could make kava taste better?

This blog post will highlight numerous ways to make kava taste better, allowing you to enjoy the kava crop without that earthy aftertaste.

Dilute kava with water

If you’re not a fan of the earthy taste, which, let’s face it, many people are not, you can dilute kava with water.

Diluting the plant with water makes the flavor less intense. You may also find that following up your kava with a fruit drink can help eliminate the strong earthy taste. You can also drink kava with a fruity combo — but more on this shortly.

Mix it with milk

Not everyone is a fan of milk — some people can’t stand a milkshake, so if this is you, we would not recommend mixing kava with milk.

Although, if you are prone to a milkshake, adding milk can be a great way to dilute and weaken the intense flavor. You can even choose flavored milk options to create a real milkshake.

You don’t need to use cow milk either if you don’t want — any type of milk will work, whether that’s almond milk or coconut milk, for example.

Don’t drink it straight away

While most food and drink becomes slightly more pungent when left and not consumed immediately, if you create a kava drink but don’t drink it straight away, it may help diminish some of the intensity.

Don’t just leave it out on the side, though — refrigerate it for a few hours before drinking. Consider making your kava drink in the morning and drinking in the afternoon or evening for the best results.

Create a fruity drink

If water or milk are not your preferred choices, and kava is still a little too strong and not up your street, you can create a fruity drink.

Using all kinds of fruits is a great way to disguise the taste of kava — you’ll likely forget your even drinking the popular plant — it’s more like a mocktail than a health drink. You’re also getting more in a single punch with the added fruit — it’s super healthy and with the added fruit, contains antioxidants and vitamins.

Add a creamer to your kava tea

If you’re a fan of herbal teas or hot drinks but are not a fan of kava, you may be wondering how to make kava tea taste better.

You have a few options. For example, you can add a creamer to change the flavor and texture. You can also dilute the kava tea with more water, mix it with milk, or even add a splash of any other flavoring.

Choose a kava capsule supplement instead

If the above methods have not worked for you, then there is another option, and it does not include drinking kava.

We suggest taking kava capsules — these contain the same dosage of kava each time, and they’re much easier to take (unless you have problems swallowing capsules). Wash the capsules down with water, and you’re done — no earthy tones or a strong aftertaste.

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What is the best way to make kava taste better?

We recommend diluting kava with water, adding milk, creating a fruity drink, or leaving the drink to sit before drinking to eliminate the strong taste.

What is the best way to drink kava?

There is no best way — it’s about finding what works for you. For example, you may enjoy a fruity kava drink, mixed with water, or a herbal tea with creamer.

Can I add sugar to kava?

Yes, you can add sugar to kava. Many people also choose to sweeten their kava drink with honey or maple syrup.

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