About Us

Seven years ago, while surfing the web, Shaun White noticed something–it seemed every nutritional supplement available was either poorly made or overpriced. Way overpriced, in fact–after a little research, he discovered that the entire industry was raking in profit margins over 170%.

Shaun immediately closed his jewelry business and founded Gridiron Nutrition, with the goal of creating quality products at more sensible prices. He assembled a small team and began bottling capsules by hand, manufacturing for other distributors, while simultaneously building out an original line of products. In 2019, he moved Gridiron operations into an industrial warehouse, and in 2020 expanded the company into the space next door.

He remains our CEO to this day. Through steady research and dedication to our founding principles, Shaun and the team have grown our business every year since our founding. We will continue to grow–but as Gridiron makes advancements in nutritional design and manufacturing, our promise to you is that we will remain forever committed to our consumers, and never prioritize profits over the people who brought us here.

“We started the company in 2018 because we realized how much companies were overcharging consumers on nutritional supplements. Our goal was to provide quality products within the market that consumers could afford.” ​


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